Starvation happens when the body is deprived of the essential nutrients it requires for proper function and survival. When the body does not receive these nutrients that come from food and liquids, side effects occur. One of the effects of starve mode is weight loss and many people use this method to lose unwanted weight. This is often done as an act of desperation because of stubborn weight that they are unable to lose with all other weight loss techniques they have tried in the past. Going on starvation mode is not recommended to be done often since it can have irreversible effects that could eventually lead to death.

On starvation mode, the body feeds itself with what is inside it. Because you take in only a few calories, you lose weight. It should, however, be noted that when few calories enter the body, the metabolism also slows down. Because the metabolism burns calories, it burns only a few calories once it slows down. The moment you start consuming food regularly, the weight will come back. This is because the body begins to comprehend that it is starving and so it shuts down your weight loss efforts for it to survive.

Some of the bad effects of starvation mode include failed diets and other mental and physical ailments. These results are brought about by the malnourishment and depression. Eventually you will gain the weight that you lost back due to your coping mechanisms when you are depressed.

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Starvation obviously makes you lose weight. The body does not have any sustenance inside it. You can lose up to two pounds a day with starvation. While it may initially sound good, the effects of such drastic weight loss might result in a medical emergency. Your body and your organs might not be able to cope with not having sustenance for days at length.

Starvation can cause dehydration because the body lacks fluid it needs. It then uses water and fluids already stored in your body. The first organ to be affected is the kidneys and they shall fail and eventually stop working once your urine output stops. Your skin will lose rigidity and turgor and shall become extremely dry and stiff. When you become dehydrated, your heart rhythms become irregular and this shall lead to heart diseases.

Another one of the effects of starvation mode is electrolyte imbalance. Because there is loss of fluids and nutrients, there is no fuel available for the body to work properly. Electrolytes make the heart, nerve impulse and muscle impulse function properly. They also make oxygen flow steadily in the body. If the flow is disrupted severely, you may slip into a coma. Blood sugar levels quickly drop because of the absence of glucose even if the pancreas produces just a small amount of insulin.

During the ultimate stage of starvation, severe muscle atrophy happens. The muscle crumbles and lessens because the body feeds from itself. It uses its muscle mass so as to give energy to the bloodstream so that the organs will not shut down. Muscle spasms and twitches happen when the potassium level becomes dangerously low. Extreme weakness and paralysis may also happen. When the muscles break down, the nerve cells deteriorate, especially those in your spinal cord area which regulates movement. If the muscles are weak and do not function, you may not move freely at all.

Low blood pressure or hypotension is also a side effect of starvation mode. Aside from such bouts, the temperature of the body also drops. When the blood pressure becomes so low, shock may happen and this is a very dangerous condition because the body shots down just to survive. If hypotension is left untreated, death or coma will happen.

To lose weight, it is not advisable to starve yourself. You should limit the calories you consume everyday to the recommended amount given by your dietician, nutritionist or doctor. You should consume five or six healthy meals each day so that your metabolic rate will not be affected negatively. This healthy lifestyle also regulates metabolism and levels of blood sugar. This will make your body burn more calories which will lead to proper weight loss.

Prior to starting a weight loss diet, ask your doctor for proper recommendations. Restricting you calorie intake must be under the guidance of a professional so as to ensure you are doing it the proper way. What is the use of losing weight when your body will be harmed wrongly? Know these side effects of starvation mode so that you will know how to lose weight the healthy way.