About Leigh Peele

Leigh Peele is one of the most admired personalities today. She has significantly contributed to the field of fat loss not only to her clients but to the rest of the people who have come across her body of work online. Leigh is passionate about helping people and this is quite evident in her work.

Some Facts about Leigh Peele

Born and raised in North Carolina, Leigh Peele is a sassy personal trainer. She focuses on helping women with fat loss. Leigh earned her certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. An author and trainer, Leigh Peele spends a great amount of time training and doing research about fat loss and metabolism. Here are some bits of information about Leigh Peele.

  • She is not a big fan of formal education, but she likes learning in her own way.
  • She is known for her straightforward approach although she never intends to ruffle too many feathers. You can count on her to voice out her strong opinions, especially regarding the subject matter of weight loss.
  • A vegetarian and believer of low carb diets, Leigh does not agree with the Paleo program. Leigh takes time to study weight loss programs and measure their effectiveness. She may have ruffled some feathers when she made comments about the Paleo diet. But Leigh says she simply does not agree with the religious dogma surrounding the program.
  • Leigh hosts several podcasts including FitCast. She maintains several blogs as well.
  • Neither a doctor nor a dietitian, Leigh Peele is widely recognized nevertheless. In fact, she had been featured in the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Times, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Fox and On Fitness, among others.
  • She has several book titles to her credit including The Fat Loss Troubleshoot, Body by Eats, The Metabolic Repair Manual, and the most recent, Starve Mode, which we cover in our Starve Mode Review.

Leigh on the Challenge of Losing Fat

She believes that a crucial aspect of the process involves understanding how it happens. A lot of people simply go with the trend. But Leigh emphasizes the importance of informed decisions. Being a big fan of research, Leigh encourages people to understand the technical physical aspect of fat loss. Although the approach to fat loss and method applied are varied, you will find truth when you study the physical effect of fat loss.

Leigh on Uneatable Foods

The American population has become so obsessed with health foods. They adhere so much on trends and the opinion of others although more often than not, such beliefs are misguided. Before you adhere to any of the health foods you encounter and discard other foods as simply uneatable, Leigh Peele encourages you to evaluate the objective of what is being presented before you.

When choosing food, Leigh makes it simple. She lays three basic criteria. One, calculate the amount of nutrients in the food per caloric value. Two, consider accessibility. Three, read up on published research about the food’s nutritional content and mineral digestion.

One of the best things about Leigh Peele is that what you see is what you get. There are no pretensions and that’s what you can expect from her books too.